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Our Vision

Our mission is to make van-life more affordable, beautiful, and sustainable. We use a whole-systems approach to build sustainable camper vans from green materials and regenerative construction processes. We aim to heal the earth while creating a more just economy & outdoors for all beings to thrive.

What's in a Radical Van?

Right-relationship with earth
We vet and source our sustainable materials from ethical, non-toxic, local, and regenerative supply chains. We trial and promote new earth-based products.
Commitment to beauty
Our interiors are stunning and memorable homes. We commission custom artwork by local artists for each van in celebration of the beauty of the outdoors.
Reciprocity and redistribution
We pay tribal land tax, and support BIPOC owned businesses in our supply chain. We are dedicated to solidarity economics & reparations.
Community empowerment
We're building an apprentice and mentorship program teaching the construction trades to marginalized community members
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Our Approach

Conscious Construction

We build our vans end-to-end with joyful dedication to using the most ethical and ecologically friendly construction practices and  product selections.

Sustainable building materials
Green finishes & products
Solar-powered, propane-free
Toxin-free adhesives
Support local & ethical small businesses

Empowered Building

Each van build is an opportunity to empower our communities, co-create value, and re-distribute wealth to create a truly just and inclusive economy.

Apprentice builder program provides underserved youth and adults a paid opportunity to learn the labor trades: plumbing, carpentry, and electrical.
Provide financial literacy & opportunities for van ownership.
Entrepreneurial training and support.

Belief in Beauty

We believe art is a powerful tool to unite people across differences and inspire creative action. Art and beauty are essential ingredients of liberation.  We partner with local artists to create memorable, enjoyable spaces.

Beautiful, and unique interior design aesthetics
Custom art by a local BIPOC & LGBTQ artists
Plans for a community maker shop

Our Offerings

Rent a Medicine Van

Rent ‘Vanita’ the Dodge Promaster or ‘Vanny’ the Ford Transit - our two prototype builds. Test out #vanlife, get outside, and support our mission.

Experience a Radical Van build in person
5-10% of proceeds support indigenous land tax
Detailed trip recommendations & van life tips
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Download the Green Builder’ Package

Most time spent building a van is spent in researching products, designing the layout and building a cohesive system. With this  tested van build and documentation you’ll be able to save hundreds of hours on your build

Detailed floor plan
Wiring & plumbing diagrams
Green materials and product lists
Lumber cut lists
Get the blueprint

DIY Green Conversion Coaching

Building your own van is a life-changing experience and can be more affordable, and custom to your needs. However, your first build is a huge learning curve and can be immensely time consuming. 1:1 consulting will streamline your build-out process, save you time, energy and a few blood, sweat and tears.

Create a build plan to fit your timeline and resources
Learn tips to maximize your investment and resale value
Get product recommendations to meet your needs
Learn key tools and build techniques to save time
Book a free discovery call

Download the Green Builders' Package

Most time spent building a van is spent in researching products, designing the layout and building a cohesive system. With this  tested van build and documentation you’ll be able to save hundreds of hours on your build

Detailed floor plan
Wiring & plumbing diagrams
Green materials and product lists
Lumber cut lists
Plan a workshop

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What Our Co-Conspirators Say

Radical Van Owner

“The van is really beautiful, you did a great job on the build, its a showstopper. I am out there hanging in and with my van every day.  I totally love it. ”

Vanita Renter

“Vanita is an amazing van. If you give to Vanita, Vanita will provide. Went to Mono Lake area and Vanita was a trusty steed. Roll on Medicine Van, roll on.”

Vanita Renter

“Vanita is as gorgeous as the photos!! We were first-time van lifers and it was an amazing experience. Would definitely recommend renting this easy-to-drive van! If you want an adventure with an IG worthy van, don’t hesitate!”

Radical Van Owner

“I’m so in love my van, the quality and love that went in to the design of the space. No detail was spared and I rest easy living in an organic, non-toxic environment. I get so many comments everywhere I park these days.”

Dan & Matilde
1:1 Consulting

“Radical Van’s consulting helped us save so much time on decisions and mistakes during our Promaster conversion. Getting a custom download of information from professional builders and seasoned van lifers was a worthy investment for us two as busy professionals.”

Vanny Renter

“Vanny had everything we needed and beautiful details throughout the space. The van drives well and fits into most parking spaces. The bed is sooo comfortable and with the small fan above combined with ocean waves, we slept like babies. Our anniversary trip couldn’t have gone better.”

About Us

Our queer, women-owned business was birthed from nomads who sold everything and hit the road to live simply in #vanlife. We created Radical Vans to act on the realization that there is no “away” from our capitalist death spiral. We believe the freedom we all seek in #vanlife ultimately resides inside ourselves. Freedom is the act of creation, the spark of collaboration, an energy of giving and caring from a place of abundance . Its about the realization that our individual liberation is inextricably bound-up with the liberation of each other...

We're now on a grand adventure build a business from the ground up that creates opportunities, redistributes wealth, and puts incredible climate solutions into action now.
We're dedicated to embodying a new paradigm for earth and humanity.  Our business builds sustainable camper vans for outdoor adventurers, activists, digital nomads, low-income families, and dirtbags alike.
For each build we strive to embody the right relationship with earth and each other. We are guided by indigenous ways of being, buddhism, abolitionism, and regenerative design principles. We design each facet of our business processes - construction techniques, van designs, partnerships, human resources - as vehicles for sharing wealth, empower others, and repairing the earth.

Our Team

Michela Fitten

Michela is a social impact entrepreneur and growth marketer. With 10 years of experience amplifying mission-driven startups in diverse industries like digital health and renewable energy. She holds an Alternative MBA from the Lift Economy. Her approach to business refutes the extractive status quo and  draws its inspiration from living systems and regenerative design. Her values are firmly rooted in spiritual ecology, social justice, and co-liberation She is a queer, bi-racial, vanlifer, and wilderness wander.

Bianca is a non-bianary woodworker, photographer, and multimedia artist. They have 8 years as a creative in the art department shooting commercials for major brands like Apple.  They are the creator and stewardess of - their first business endeavor and their work has been featured in publications like.  She is a queer, Buddhist, abolitionist, with a love of family and snowboarding fresh powder. She finds her deepest home in gentle embrace of ocean waves.

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Thank you for co-creating a world with us where co-liberation meets. We look forward to supporting you with our offerings and weaving this new world together in collaboration and solidarity.  

Remember, we are in this together. Forever.

In addition to sales inquiries. We encourage inquiries about employment opportunities, or partnerships. We welcome you to share your unmet need in the sustainable camper van space.

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